How it Works

Neutral is an entirely new blockchain-native financial instrument. It mimics the properties of a traditional ETF in a completely trustless and fully decentralized way. The Neutral token processes revolve around the profit-seeking behavior of rational arbitrageurs.

Primary market auctions drive the expansion of the Neutral token supply and the redemption mechanics cause the supply to contract. This results in globally-shared liquidity, reduced volatility, a trustless pricing oracle, and frictionless on-chain token exchange.

The Neutral Ecosystem

The Neutral ecosystem consists of consumers, traders/investors, exchanges, etc., working together to create and use Neutral tokens.

Globally there is 3.4 trillion USD worth of ETF assets aggregated, quantified and sold to market participants. Given the rapid growth of the digital currency market, there is an unmet demand for a similar aggregate instrument from retail and institutional investors.

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