A Superior Digital Dollar

By aggregating a basket of other stablecoins, the Neutral Dollar generates a lower volatility token with a more subdued risk profile than any individual stablecoin today. Grounded by theory and empirically tested, the Neutral Dollar leverages our own unique process to ensure price stability that is better than any stablecoin design out in the market.

The Neutral Dollar will serve as a medium of exchange, store of value, unit of account, and complementary trading instrument for crypto enthusiasts. Our stablecoin exhibits several key principles, making it provide the best utility available.



Maintained by profit-seeking arbitrageurs


Transparent and auditable on-chain custody


Lower volatility with diversified counterparty risk


Value preservation for the constituents


Enabled solution for token swaps


Pooled liquidity of underlying components

Neutral. Crypto Combined and Redefined. We are a company dedicated to creating blockchain-native financial instruments. Our flagship products inherit ETF-like properties and are constructed in a rational and decentralized manner. Our approach results in globally shared liquidity, reduced volatility, a trustless pricing oracle, and frictionless on-chain token exchange.


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